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ICP-MS Systems 7700 Agilent

The Solution-Ready Agilent 7700 ICP-MS combines proven, robust hardware, auto-optimization tools, and Pre-set Methods to simplify routine analysis. With high matrix tolerance, wide dynamic range, and effective control of polyatomic interferences, the hardware takes the uncertainty out of analyzing complex or variable sample matrices. The 7700 ICP-MS is extraordinarily easy to set up and use, so you can quickly produce reliable results in the widest range of sample types.


  • The unmatched plasma robustness provided by HMI means the 7700x can handle the toughest sample types with ease.

  • ORS3 operates in He mode as standard, eliminating the need for reactive cell gases in virtually every application and dramatically simplifying method development and routine analysis.

  • Helium mode is well established as the most reliable cell method for complex and variable samples, filtering out all spectral interferences, even in unknown and variable sample matrices.

  • An innovative new ion lens delivers higher sensitivity and reduced random background signals, providing excellent detection limits across the mass range.

  • New user-friendly ICP-MS MassHunter software features such as One-click Plasma Setting and Expert Auto Tuning simplify routine optimization, reducing training costs and improving productivity.

  • One-touch access to the sampling interface and easier removal/refitting of the threaded interface cones simplifies routine maintenance.

  • Enhanced data analysis and reporting with the powerful MassHunter software platform.

  • A range of options and accessories is available to customize the 7700x for a wide range of applications, such as chromatographic coupling, analysis of organic solvents, isotope ratio analysis, highly corrosive acids, etc.

  • Compact benchtop design makes the 7700 one of the world’s smallest commercial ICP-MS, saving valuable work bench and laboratory space.


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