Waters Quattro micro API Tandem Quadrupole LC/MS/MS System

January 8, 2016

The Quattro microTM API overcomes these challenges in analytical LC/MS/MS: -Need for intelligently optimized systems -Pressure to meet increasing throughput targets -Necessity to rapidly cross-train analysts -Demand for better sensitivity and Limits of Quantification -Requirement to operate in a 21 CFR 11 environment Networked sample to knowledge converters like the Quattro micro API are a fusion of compact, intelligent mass analyzers and client/server Mass-InformaticsTM operating within the global e-MSTM workspace. The Quattro micro API incorporates the finest high precision tandem quadrupole mass analyzer technology, with a m/z range of 2 - 2000 as standard. Measuring only 1/3 of the width of existing instruments, the Quattro micro API also saves significant linear bench space.



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